My Statement

In the Beginning When I was a child I always wanted a spotted animal specially a wild one, then one day my uncle got 2 cheetahs and we raised them together. After a few years I had to go back to my boarding school hence left the cheetahs in Kenya with my uncle, but I would always write and ask my uncle how the cheetahs were doing. My life moved on and the dream was left behind, a dream for 30 years I carried with me, until one day I started researching about cheetahs because I really missed mine as now they had passed on. During my research I came across a picture of a serval cat, I never knew that such a breed existed and my curiosity was intrigued and I jumped right into deep research on these magnificent cats.

I researched these cats for 4 years every detail that I could get my hands on, I visited my local zoos to see these animals, watched YouTube videos on them, talked to many serval owners. One day I had a live handling experience and just fell head over heels in love with them. My heart would pound a million beats whenever I looked at a serval cat picture. I was mesmerized and had to get one, so I started my journey to purchase my first serval cat. When I went to the breeder’s house, my heart was pounding so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. So I sat in the living room waiting to see the serval cub, and when I did, I jumped with joy and cried a million tears. I picked him up and kissed his little black nose and his paws, and this was love at first sight.

That was King Shera my first serval cat and the love we share is beyond this universe, the affection we share is beyond anyone’s imagination and the joys we share is more than any riches. The love I felt for King Shera encouraged me to begin my journey and the business of Camnish Servals. King Shera was born on June 8th 2012 under the star sign Gemini, which happens to be my zodiac sign as well, the twins. And King Shera would become my good luck charm. I embarked on the journey to capture the essence of the African serval breed and to educate people. Soon after I started training the public about these magnificent cats, cousins to the cheetahs I was named the serval whisperer. My King Shera bonded with me so well that after a year I added 5 more to my pride. These serval cats have became my passion my obsession my joy. The serval has tremendous human imprint hence it is domesticated. Many hours have been put into this transition and training. The serval is not a hobby it’s a privilege.

Camnish Servals strives to be honest, ethical with a strong desire to become the top breeder in Canada. Hence we strongly advise to please do your research on the serval breed, its care and the balanced nutrition it will need to be a happy and healthy serval cat. We strongly advise you to check with the fish and wildlife authorities in your country of residence for bylaws regarding housing a pet serval. Please note that we will not sell a serval cat if it is not legal in your country of residence.

The Spirit of Camnish Servals! Thank you. Nisha Bhasin