Princess AVA is truly a beauty ..the long slender neck with huge eyes.. long legs and a petite body she is truly an amazing serval cat. Princess AVA loves chicken and beef but her favorite food is mice. The life span of a mouse in my house ..thats if you will find about 10 seconds. Thats how fast she is if she does catch one. Her best friends is Prince Vega and Prince Akash and Queen Seada she loves to play for hours and her favorite game is tag your it. She loves to walk in the woods hunting for bugs and spends most of the time jumping and bugging the boys. Princess AVA has been in magazines as well as attended many educational shows such as the pet lovers show. The Vancouver Mr and ms pageant Harrison hot springs b.c Canada and many more to add. She loves to meet amd greet people and she is a well trained serval cat..a social butterfly