Prince Vega is one of my favorites under the star sign Sagittarius born on November 29th. His favorite food is a brand called red dog blue cat food... all organ and meat grown up.. each time when his master opens the packet he jumps on the kitchen counter thrilled with excitement and cant wait to dig into. Prince Vega is also toilet trained and he is a lover boy... he heads butts any stranger that calls his name and is a purring motor indeed . Loves to play with string toys and loves the out doors and his evening walks in the woods catching bugs. He is one of the hugest servals from the pride and is always proud to show himself to the ladies as well. He is a fashion model and has been to many photo shoots and educational trips around Canada. Had been published in magazines as well and is very well know to many cat lovers. He is a born star and on his way to achieving many goals in his life to stardom.