Prince Akash was born June 15th under the zodiac star sign cancer. He is an extremely smart African serval cat...spotted like a cheetah ...jumps almost 12 feet in the air when played with his favorite string toy a horse whip. Yes that's his favorite toy to play with...he will do all the tricks in the book when his toy comes out. Prince Akash is toilet trained as well and also knows not to spray in the house as well he is well trained by his master. His nick name is nutuskuni... which mean naughty brat he loves to play hide and seek and gives warm cuddles on a cold winter night. His favorite food..lets just say Akash loves to eat...anything and everything is edible for this charming prince indeed. He is well trained in obedience and loves to socialize. He has been to various fashion shows and fashion shoots as the ladies just love this prince as he is very well know to be a ladies man.