Queen Seada came to me at age 2 years old for training and she was so well adjusted to our pride that her beloved owners decided to let her live her life with our serval family. They do come visit her for sure. Seada is a well trained serval cat she obeys commands like jump sit stay come shake a paw eat and who loves chickies... her favorite food is shrimp and lobsters and crab too..she is also toilet trained and her favorite toy is to play with strings attached to bells and a rope. She is smart and extremely clever and naughty at times but in a good way very docile and loves to purrs all the time..when asked ..seada smile!!! She will hiss on command saying hello. Born March 23rd in the constalation of aries, Queen Seada is a sweetheart. Her nick name is seada beada and her best friends are princess avani and prince akash.