King Shera My very first serval cat born under the constellation star sign Gemini June the 8th. He would become my good luck charm and a magnificent beauty that will awww the world. King Shera loves to socialize he is daring and bold and greats his friend's with a hiss a paw shake and sometimes a head butt. King Shera is a docile and well trained serval cat domesticated and also toilet trained...he does not spray in the house as his master has trained him well. His favorite food is shrimps...want a head butt from King Shera? Feed him shrimp and turkey hearts and he is your best friend for life. He has been to many educational shows like the pet lovers show ..cloverdale rodeo and also was part of the vancouver mr and miss pageant in 2014. He shall be featured in magazines and will be travelling for educational trips all over canada . nick name is Babuski which means lover in Swahili. King Shera is my pride and joy.