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The Serval Is captivating, smart , tall , magnificent cat in the small wild cat world , yet domesticated since the days of Egyptians 1000 years ago. One can admire it dream it..... I decided to tame it domesticate it ..... My first serval was King Shera born on June 8th 2012 under the star sign Gemini , which happens to be my zodiac sign as well..the twins. And King Shera would become my good luck charm. The serval is a graceful cat , passionate about their owners, loving and incredibly bonding. It is just not an ordinary cat , I studied the servals researched about them and was memorized by the small wild cat, I embarked on the journey to capture the essence of the African serval breed and educate people. Soon after once I started training the public about these magnificent cats , cousins to the cheetahs I was named the serval whisperer. The serval cat bonded with me so well and after a year I added 5 more to my pride . The serval cat became my passion my obsession my joy. The serval has tremendous human imprint hence it is domesticated .. many hours have been put into this transition and training. The serval is not a hobby its a privilege. The Spirit of Camnish Servals. Thank you. Nisha Bhasin.   Get to know our growing pride of serval cats by visiting our serval portfolio pages below. We love all our cats and they are all special in their own way. Each of our pride members have a unique personality and temperament and we encourage you to get to know each and every one. We pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy, happy and stress-free environment and our cats are inquisitive, energetic, very playful, devoted companions.


Specialized Training Facts and Information

Camnish Servals goes far beyond just selling you an exotic breed. Our training and education services are dedicated to giving you the most trusted, authoritative information for keeping your serval healthy and happy. We provide you with the expert knowledge required for you to provide the best experience for your serval cat. Your new cat will have an easier time adjusting to your household if you begin with the proper owner information from the very start.




Camnish Servals Exotic Cattery in British Columbia

Welcome to Camnish Servals Exotic Cattery in British Columbia Canada. We are the most exclusive breeder of pure breed serval cats in Canada and on the world wide web. Our goal is to promote the breeding, training, education and knowledge of purebred serval cats to a select group of hand picked owners. Camnish Servals will provide effective professional quality services to our members and customers. We will provide all services in a friendly and respectful manner befitting the integrity of our Cattery and we will support our most valued asset, our Serval's.



Serval Breeding

We are Canada’s top Serval Cat breeder and produce the finest healthy cats for exclusive owners. Our cats are home raised, super friendly and all are veterinarian checked.

Serval Training

Camnish Servals employ’s an extensive training program that is designed to educate and instill confidence in our Serval Cat owners. Our professional training courses work!

Serval Care

Serval cats are not domestic cats and require some special care. Our serval care guides provide the balanced nutrition information needed for a happy and healthy serval cat.